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I found this quote by Ralph Marston that talked about having a course correction. Last year was not the greatest year for me. It was nothing like what I had envisioned 2010 to be. As we approached the end of the year I was highly anticipating 2011 and declared it to be my year, the year I would make my dreams come true, live my passions and maybe even find my soulmate. †So, it was disappointing to me that the year has just begun and there is a boulder in my path. I was upset about it for a second (maybe a little longer), but now I know that I just need a faith adjustment and a course correction. †Maybe that boulder is there so that I would get on the path that God wanted me on. Just maybe I took a wrong turn and I didn’t even realize it. †There is no failure in changing your path. There is only failure when you have not learned any lessons along the way and that boulder crushes you! †I hope that these words from Ralph Marston will encourage you along your path.

The setbacks and disappointments always get your attention. That’s because they have so much to say.

It can be easy to wander off course without even realizing you’ve done so. Yet when you do, something is likely to soon go wrong that will point out the errors you have made.

It’s important to pay attention to the small problems as they arise. For they can help you take action to avoid bigger problems later on.

The setbacks you experience won’t be pleasant. Yet they can bring you a renewed commitment to point yourself back in a positive, effective direction.

When the disappointments come, listen to what they have to say. Learn from the results, both positive and negative, and your approach will improve over time.

The setbacks you experience are usually suggesting a course correction. Learn to let them set you back on track.

— Ralph Marston

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