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Happy Valentines Day!!

I know that this day is always associated with couples, but I thought I would offer some other ways of looking at this love day. I do not have a significant other and I must admit, this day usually makes me cringe. I guess I am usually a little envious of my friends that have that special person in their lives and secretly wish that I had someone too. It doesn’t help if my co-worker gets 3 dozen roses delivered!!! (LOL) This year I have decided to look at this day differently. Love is a beautiful thing. Our soul feels freer and at peace with knowing that someone loves you unconditionally. You can depend on that person to keep your secrets, to encourage you and keep your heart safe no matter what. Love does not take you for granted. It values you, and respects the person that you are and who you want to be. †First you have to give yourself all the love that you want/wish someone would give you. Start today and do something wonderful and †say something nice to yourself. It starts with you. Here are a few affirmations and a quote to get you started. Happy Love YOU Day!

I treat myself with kindness and respect

I love myself just the way I am

I love and forgive myself for any past mistakes (this is a biggie for me)

I look in the mirror and I love what I see

Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.” ~ Thaddeus Golas

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