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“Your life’s journey is about becoming more of who you are” Oprah Winfrey

I always love this quote, but I also find quotes like this interesting. There are also all kinds of books that help you find your authentic self. I always think when did we lose ourselves? When did who we really are, become not good enough? I am guilty of this also. Growing up I always wished that my personality was different, that I looked different, that who I was just wasn’t good enough. This wishing that I could take bits and pieces of myself and turn them into traits that I thought was better was a part of my life for a long time. With every missed opportunity,  failed relationship, I always let my mind wonder what if I was like…… I never tried to take on those traits that I thought were better. The thought of it felt uncomfortable, like I was wearing a too tight and very not cute dress!  I look at my younger son and I see so much of myself. He always wants to do the right thing, he is a little quite until he gets to know you,  family means the world to him, and he is so funny.  I could never imagine telling him that who he is, isn’t good enough. My journey is and has always been to BE comfortable with ALL of who I am. There are going to people who won’t like it and wish I was someone else. There will be relationships that won’t continue the journey with you.  But, who you truly are is good enough! The core person of who you are quirks and all is pretty great!  Embrace and nurture the great person that you are. Many, might not understand, accept or even love you, but the people who truly love and value you will and are suppose to be there for the journey. The other option is to wear that too tight not so cute dress and who wants that!!!  Have a great TRUE YOU week!


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