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This was not my original planned post. I was reading an article in O magazine about how important journaling has been in Oprah’s life. It got me thinking about how important it has been in my own life.

When I was younger I wrote in a diary. It had the cute cover that warned everyone to stay out. it came with trusty† lock and key to ensure itís privacy. I wrote about the cute boy I liked, what happened at school and any other major catastrophe that went on in my world. As I got older the diary† became known by a more grown-up name. It was my journal that I often† wrote in when something was going wrong. It was the place where I could say anything without any consequences. Writing has always been my friend, especially late at night when a problem would not let me sleep. It has been there through all my so called failures and frustrations. Not to long ago I found some of my old journals and they made me sad and grateful. The sadness came from all the hurt and pain I was feeling. I donít think I had† any happy entries. I was grateful because I have grown so much from those earlier entries. I have tons of journals and notebooks. They are so pretty that I hate to write in them. I write down my goals, affirmations, quotes that I LOVE and recently things that I am grateful for. I do occasionally write down things that are on my mind that I am trying to work through or make sense of. But it isnít everything, and I donít let those entries linger. I let them go. If you write in a journal, remember to not only use it to vent your frustrations but also remember your blessings.

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