Inspiration Tuesday

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The bumblebee’s wings are so thin and its body so big, it should not be able to fly.† The only problem is, the bee doesn’t know that.

– David Lindsay


There are so many times in my life that I have been told that I can’t do something, to the point that I started to believe it. The voice in my head would remind me of this every time I started to spread my wings out of my comfort zone. The voice got so loud that I was stuck in a job that I hated and I believed that there was nothing better for me. This negative thinking affected all areas of my life. Thankfully I have changed that voice in my head to encourage and motivate me to be my best. †I have started this blog and I a finally working on my line. The name of the line Evolution of Soul says it all. My life and my soul are all evolving into the greatness I was meant to be. †Find a way to silence your inner critic. I read inspirational messages. I have great friends that keep me encouraged. Most of all I tell myself that I can do it and work on something everyday, even if I am afraid and I don’t think anyone will like it. Sometimes it is necessary to motivate yourself. †My next step is to share my talent with the world. Every baby step will eventually lead to a leap into greatness. So, I encourage you today to take a baby step, †before you know it you will be leaping into greatness too.


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