Inspired Cuteness

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I am working on my line of clothing and accessories right now. †I am really trying to stay true to who I am, instead of copying or following trends. I think that it is important to stay have a clear point of view, something that defines your style. I want to create pieces that I love and I want to live in all the time. Sometimes when I’m having a mental block and start to drift into procrastination land, I search for things that are truly my style. The easiest way for me or you to do this is to pull pictures of things that you like. I like to do this by pulling the first thing that catch my eye. As I look at all the things that I pulled, usually they all have the same feeling and tell the same story.

I pulled these great looks from I really llike this site because it offers a unique merchandise mix. †Here are some of my favorites right now.

I think my style is bohemian with a twist, maybe?

I love the color of these shoes! and I am such a sucker for lace-ups. †Adding a pop of color is always a do!

I thought her look and hair was soooo cute, †she had to be included in my inspiration. Have a great week-end.

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