Tribal Inspiration

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I always try to find inspiration from any place that I can. All it takes is color, texture or a pattern to start my mind on a creative path. I found these pictures in an old National Geographic ( love National Geographic, great inspiration!!) I have mentioned before that I am working on my long awaited fashion and accessory line. I am constantly looking for inspiration and things to keep me motivated. Color does that for me, it makes me happy. I love all the intricate beading and the great color of the Masai Tribe. I am a big accessory fan, the bigger and bold are my style. The Masai tribe adorn their themselves with beautiful beaded pieces.

I also like that the men get dressed up and dance for the women! We hold the power to decide who is going to have the privilege to be with us!! LOL! †But anyway, take a look at the pictures and hopefully they will inspire you to be creative.

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