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I hope that everyone had a great long holiday weekend. I found this great quote this weekend as I was working on my business. I was feeling very frustrated about my lack of money. I needed some supplies and I just did not have the money to purchase them. †Some of my bills were going to be late this month because again, I did not have any money. I do feel that I have true talent and a great deal of passion, but all of that does not add up to having money. But God has a way of making things come into your life just when you need it. I came across this quote and a few other quotes that made me leave my pity party. I got energized and started to write at a plan to make the little amount of money that I do have work and my talent work for me to accomplish my dreams. I hope that this little quote will inspire and energize you. The only person that can change your circumstances is you. It might take awhile and the road may be rough, but you are resilient, †you can do it, just have faith.

“You can start with nothing, †and out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made.” Michael Bernard Beckwith

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