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I am making my list of all the things that I need to get accomplished this weekend and for the next two weeks. I am looking forward to crossing things off my list I am kicking fear and insecurity to the curb and just creating. I have to finish some (at least one) projects and then put them in my Etsy shop. I’ll let you know on Monday if I did it.

These are some beautiful pictures that were in my inspiration folder . I am really loving the textiles and the draping of the fabric. Maybe I will create some textiles this weekend. The possibilities and my creativity are endless. Just have to give myself mini goals so that I will not get overwhelmed or distracted.

I will also be checking out the Renegade craft fair this weekend. If you are in the Los angeles area this weekend be sure to check it out. Trust me, you will love all the vendors. Have a good weekend!!



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