Inspiration Monday

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I have been thinking a lot about words. How the word we speak to each other and to ourselves, can either lift us up or tear us down. †It’s amazing to me how many words that are so negative that come out of our mouths. I know that I often say things that aren’t very nice to myself, that don’t lift me up. Think about how many times you have said “I am so fat” †”I am so stupid!” I must say that I am broke at least twenty times a day! Instead of I am temporarily out of cash! Even though I have been temporarily out for a very long time!!!! Maybe if I change my words, I just might change my cash flow problem. We won’t even get into the things that we say about others. Maybe if we speak words of encouragement and faith it might just change our lives or the life of someone else. This week I will try to be conscious of my words.

“Open your eyes.† See your possibilities.† Break the strongholds of shame, blame, fear and pride.† Stop speaking about defeat, death, lack and loss.† Speak LIFE.† Speak STRENGTH.† Speak SOLUTIONS.† Speak FAITH.† Speak COURAGE.† Speak LOVE.†† Speak GRATITUDE.† Speak ACTION.†”† ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor††


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