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I know that I have wrote before about letting go. There is something about this concept that is so hard for me. This is a lesson that I just can’t seem to learn. I am not talking about just saying the words “I let go of this” I mean really letting go that you feel it in your soul. You don’t talk about it anymore. You don’t worry about it. The stress of whatever the problem was is literally removed from your soul. This is a lesson that God is obviously trying to teach me, because I keep repeating it over and over again. I applied for a position that I thought would be a great fit for my skills. They asked me to do a lot of research on products and a report. I did it, but I haven’t heard from them and I probably won’t. I have been stressing about what I could have done better, why haven’t they called, just a bunch of things have been running through my head. I know that I did my best. The attitude that I should have is that if they call, they call. I don’t only do this with jobs, but also with people. I still hold out hope that they value my friendship as much as I value theirs. I run different scenarios in my head. How could I have handled the situation differently? Should I keep trying, talking? Is it or was it worth it? All of this is a bunch of stress!!! It will make me old before my time!!! LOL! So, as I struggle with this letting go thing yet again. I came across this affirmation/prayer that I hope will keep me motivated to let things go. Feel good about this time. I feel I’m ready, really ready.


I’m grateful for the courage and willingness to choose a new direction for my life.

I surrender and let go.

I am ready for God to do a new thing in me.

I’m on a new path that leads to the abundant life God intended for me. Jewel Diamond Taylor

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