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I was watching Oprah’s life class this evening and if you have not watched it, I urge to go to the website†and check out. It really got me thinking about somethings. Like she says on her show I think that I experienced an Aha moment. It was about how we all have the power to change our own lives, to direct our own destiny. I know that it is a simple concept, but I think that it is a hard one for most of us to believe. I think that most of us are all so stressed and wrapped up in our problems and what is going on in our lives that we don’t think that we think we can change it. But the stories that she shared had way more obstacles to overcome than I do and they accomplished the things that wanted to. So, what is my excuse? Does is it really matter? It is still an excuse, and I am still giving up power and becoming a victim. From this day forward I will be committed to accomplishing my goals and I will be committed to working on it like my life depends on it, because it does. What will you be committed to doing for yourself. I have the power to live my best life and I owe it to myself. This is something that she posted on facebook and it gives you something to think about.

Do you have a dream? If you don’t have a dream, start thinking about what the dream for your life is. Start believing that just having a dream begins the process of fulfilling it. You can do it if you’re willing to let every step you take move you in that direction. Remember, you deserve the best life has to offer. What steps will you take this week towards achieving your dream?††

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