Inspiration Monday

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I entered the new year with such anticipation of all the things that I wanted to accomplish. I mentally wrote my goal and intentions for the year. I was excited and pumped up about 2012 and thanked God that 2011 was gone! But now we are almost at the end of January and I feel that I fallen short of my intentions. For some reason I was very reluctant to write down my intentions and goals that I wanted to focus on for the †year. I don’t know exactly why, but fear overwhelmed me and I didn’t or couldn’t write down anything! Extreme fatigue and migraines have played a major part in my procrastination. † Today is a new day and I have made a promise to do all that I can to live the life that God has intended me to live. So, for next weeks inspiration Monday I will share with you my †intentions for 2012. This will be a way for me to hold myself accountable. As long as you are blessed to breathe another day, you can start again.

Everything is possible for he who believes.†Mark 9:23

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