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I have been a little lazy with posting. I have been trying to figure what the next step should be to accomplish my goals. The stresses of everyday life have been weighing heavy on my mind and heart. †Sometimes we can let the stresses of life cause a distraction on the road to where we are suppose to be. I have a journal that I keep with affirmations, notes and anything that is positive. I have this quote taped to one of the pages. It talks about acceptance. Some people might view acceptance as giving up, but that I see it. It is accepting that I may not have the answer to everything right now or ever. It is accepting that no matter how much I may love someone, it might be better to let them go. It’s accepting that I can’t and shouldn’t control everything. It’s accepting who I am and being totally comfortable with it. Acceptance is something that is necessary for growth. I know it’s necessary †for my growth. †Acceptance is one of my intentions for this year and for my life. These are some of my favorite lines from an affirmation by Jewel Diamond Taylor.

ACCEPTANCE –†My Faith, self esteem and courage are restored. †I will not let negative fears and emotions ruin and control my life. I deserve more and I “m ready to et the light back into my life.†

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