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I don’t know when or why the true realization hit me that I wasn’t living my life, my purpose. I haven’t been living up to my potential and I haven’t been fully sharing my gifts. I thought I wasn’t talented enough and I was terrified to show people who I was and that I was truly talented, creative and passionate. I have had so †many false starts but it is such a blessing that I really believe that I am finally on the road to living the life I was meant to live. Full of passion and sharing my talent and my voice with everyone. I am feeling a new confidence, a new determination. It feels different than before. It feels like even if I stumble, it will only be a stumble I can and will continue on my journey. It’s an unshakeable renewing of faith, belief and determination. So, stay tuned I plan on doing some big things, but most of all I plan on sharing those big things.

It is in your moments ofdecision that your destiny is shaped

Anthony Robbins

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