Inspiration Monday

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I don’t have an inspiring quote from a famous poet or writer this monday, just my own observation. As I was sitting here with a sprained ankle, I was thinking about a few people in my life. This thought jumped into head. Sometimes people are just who you thought they were. Not who you want them to be, or who you hoped they were. They are the person that your gut tells you they truly are. It doesn’t mean that they are bad people, maybe just people that shouldn’t be in your life. They say they will or have changed and you want them to change. †Change is something that people have to do on their own because they want to, not because you want them to, †or you think they should. Change requires consistency and a desire to be better, do better. It requires more than talking about it. †Once you accept this, the happier and less stressful your life will be. † †I know mine will be.

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