Inspiration Monday

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I know that I have been M I A but I needed take some mental relaxation time, some I need to figure things out time and where is my life going time. No I haven’t figured everything it and I really haven’t had an ahha moment. But I did try to think about what I was grateful for. As I go through this period of reflection or trying to figure out how to live my best life from where I am, I’m glad that I have †my tribe encouraging me over the bumps. My tribe consist of my very dear girlfriends that I can depend on to help me remember the best part of who I am. They have seen me at my worst and my best. They have helped me see the light when all I can see is darkness. These are women that love me and want the best for me. Some are women that I have known since I was 5, †others are people that God has lead into my life. They all are special and we support and encourage each other. I thank God for them everyday. If you don’t have a tribe you should. When the going gets tough and stormy, †and you feel that you are about to give up, it’s great to know that you have people that have your back no matter what.


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