Inspiration Monday

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I have been putting all my energy lately into my line. Looking for ways to be more focused and searching for things that inspire me. I get discouraged sometimes that I am not working hard enough or that everything that I want to do ha already been done. I get bogged down in researching how to start a business, how to grow a business and how social media can work for you!!! Until I donít work on anything and the process becomes stressful instead of fun and rewarding. Most of all I feel that I have not done enough. I feel that my feet are moving but Iím not going anywhere!!! Once I climb down from that ledge of insecurity and fear ( sometimes I need my tribe to talk me down) I realize that everything is progress. Doing something, anything, towards my business goal gets me closer and closer. Doing nothing keeps me where I am with no hope. Basically settling for less than what I deserve, what God has for me. In the Fire Starter sessions by Danielle La Porte ( a must read!! ), she talks about how everything is progress. Every day that you or I take toward creating the life that we want, the life that we were born to live is progress. No matter how small! †So take a deep breath drink some tea and believe that EVERYTHING IS PROGRESS




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