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There are a lot of changes that are taking place in† my life. Something are exciting and I am approaching them with great anticipation and other things are a bit painful and through sometimes tears I know that when I come out on the other side I will be a better person. Somethings mean walking out onto the ledge and jumping in on faith and becoming the person that I know that I am meant to be. It means trying new things and stretching myself. It means getting uncomfortable but knowing that feeling will pass and that it is necessary to grow. It means knowing myself, loving myself and taking care of myself. I know that it will make me a better mother, a better person and enable me to have the unstoppable courage to accomplish my goals. There are great, scary awesome changes taking place and I am excited about all of them!!!!


If your life is cloudy and you are far, far off course, you might have to go on faith for awhile, but eventually you’ll learn that every time you trust (GOD) your internal navigation system You end up closer to your right life.

Martha Beck- ( I added GOD in there because that is my navigation system!:)

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