Inspiration Monday

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I am always reading things that can keep me motivated, and encouraged in business and also for my everyday life. We have so many negative issues that we are trying to deal with. Negative voices that are we trying to quite on our way to accomplishing our goals. Encouragement, positive affirmations for me is like vitamins for my soul. I would encourage you to feed your soul positive encouraging food on a daily basis.

So, with that said I have a question for you  Are you just to SEXY!!!   Read the great motivational quote from I received a confidence manifesto from them the that I just absolutely love!

When you feel that nobody loves you,
Nobody cares for you,
Everyone is ignoring you,
And people are jealous of you
You should really ask yourself…
Am I

This made me smile! The answer to that question is and should always be HELL YES I’m to SEXY!!!! We are beautifully and wonderfully made.



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