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You know how you think that you have dealt with the things in your life.† You have grown, overcome, dealt with any and all problems or issue that can and does hinder your life. Then out of the blue or out of the dark emerges something that makes you feel that you are insecure, have no voice basically that you are six years old again. The thing about those moments in your life is that they come to show us how strong we are, how much we’ve learned or still need to learn. We can choose not to let the situation or issue take† us down and out. We may wobble a little bit, it may even take us to our knees, but still breathing. The important thing is that we get up, dust ourselves off put a couple of (cute) band-aids on our scrapes and move on. Understanding that falling down is necessary to our growth. There is always going to be a little pain when we are growing into our greatness. Things seem greater before we step into the fullness/greatness/ awsomeness† of what God wants us to be. There no dress rehearsal for your life and there is no under study standing in the wings to take over the yukki parts you don’t like. Thank God that you re not where you were. Thank God that you value yourself NOW. Thank God that you learned something in the storm and you came out of it alive with just a little scar.

Have a great week lovlies!

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