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I think that I have been fired from a job probably about 3 times. I think that I have been pushed to the breaking point of no return about 4 times. The rest I left because I was bored out of my mind and I wanted to grow. After being fired the first time I no longer became sad when it happened again. I’m not a bad employee, actually I’m the employee that arrives, will stay late and who goes way beyond what is expected of her. Not for recognition but because I truly want to do a great job. My usual breaking point always comes after I feel that I have given my all, ideas, creativity, everything. This makes me feel taken for granted and used. But maybe I should look at it a different way. Maybe all these years, all those jobs were pushing me to realize that is not where I am suppose to be. Even though I realized that I wanted to work for myself, I stayed because I didn’t believe that I could make a living doing something that I love. I always felt trapped and this time is no different. My mind is telling me that this is a bad time to be without a job, I have bills to pay, what about my son, how am I suppose to take care of him? But I can no longer ignore God pushing me into my destiny, pushing me to have faith in him. It’ time. This time I have to answer the call my life depends on it.


PS. I’m going to be changing around the blog! Adding new features and just posting more for the New Year. Can’t wait!!!













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