Inspiration Monday & I’m BACK!!!!

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Hello Everybody, Happy great, fantastic, and I know it will be very AWESOME New Year!!

I love the beginning of a new year.† I always feel energized and full of new ideas. I think what makes this year different is that I have truly let go, (actually burned) some things that no longer worked in my life, or the life I want. I connected with some friends that I hadn’t seen or talked to in awhile and finally said goodby to others that didn’t value me. I had 2 massages! They were wonderful!† I also decided that their were some creative paths that I wanted to try, and I am having a great time exploring. I have a clear picture of where I want my creative career to go and I feel more confident about than I have felt in years. I have also started making the care of ME a priority. I don’t make resolutions, I make life soul – lutions. Things that have an effect on my soul and help me go in the direction and have the life God intends for me to live. Our life is precious and way to short not to make the most of it. I bought a planner and I not only put my to do list down, but I put words of encouragement and praise for little things that I do accomplish. I also break my goals into little “you can do this girl” chunks. This allows my perfectionist mind† not procrastinate because of the fear of not being perfect. It is so necessary to put a plan and to have tools to accomplish your goals. It is making such a difference in my life right now. It is like a weight has been lifted.† My words from this year are courageous, unstoppable and peace. Make a plan of action to live your best life.



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