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It’s already February! Where did all the time go? This is the time that my mind is usually on over load. It is thinking about all the things that I want/ need to accomplish this year. But before I let panic set in and my head explode I remember what my 2 intention words are for this year free & easy. Free from worry, free from stress, free to live my life on my own terms, free to be happy, free from fear. These are my top free list. The easy part is that I jut want life to be easy and feel easy. I have always been the type to work really hard at a job and really at most things. If I wasn’t sweating or tired I wasn’t doing a good job. This year I wanted to know what it would feel like if I did things that were easy. Would I enjoy them more? Would I get more accomplished? Of course this is a new concept for me and I haven’t fully grasped the idea. Like I said, if I’m not sweatin’ I couldn’t possible be working! But I have decided to try. As I venture into some new creative areas ( pattern & surface design) And finally stop over preparing ( fear procrastinating really!) and share my designs and art with the world I try to remember those 2 words. This year the only time I want to sweat is if I am in a Zumba class!

What would your life look like if it was FREE & EASY!

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