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I hate to admit it, but I think I’m a procrastinator! Never thought I fit the description of a procrastinator, but lately I think that I might. As time seems to move on and my to do list never really gets accomplished, I might have to admit that I’m a PROCRASTINATOR. I’m clever about my procrastinating. I sometimes disguise it as research, or I don’t have the right tools. or it’s not perfect yet. Sometimes I even say that I need to get my business cards made or that my website isn’t good enough. But the bottom line is that it keeps me from accomplishing my goal! It helps me only think, dream, and plan what I’m going to do with out actually doing anything. It keeps me frozen in thinking that there is always something better out there that will be better than mine. It keeps me trapped with the thought that I can’t do any better or be a success and this keeps me paralyzed with fear of failure. If you’re not doing what your are meant to do you are PROCRASTINATING! If you are failing to be happy or live the life you were meant to be, destined to live you are procrastinating. Take one small action to live or create the life you want. Tomorrow is not promised and today is a present full of possibilities. This is your time seize the moment.

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