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I’m really writing this on Sunday, Mother’s Day. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs that I have ever had. Being a single mother is even harder. I remember when each of my boys were born I had so many plans for them, for us and I thought clear picture of how my life would be with them. But situations change sometimes and life doesn’t turn out the way you planned. I felt alone, tired and frustrated and sometimes I still do. I realized that I didn’t and don’t have all the answers. I will and have made mistakes and bad choices. Unfortunately my children have been by my side through it all. I guess that could be good or bad.† Well, I’m still a single parent and I’m not where I want to be yet!:) but I am doing the best that I can at this moment,† at this time. When we have children unfortunately we don’t push out an instruction manual on how they should be raised or important things about their personalities! What I can and do offer my children is my love, encouragement and my best. Thats all we can expect from anyone even our parents! As parents we are so hard on ourselves and† we are even hard on other parents. But as this Mother’s Day comes to a close , I would ask you to give yourself a big hug and forgive yourself for not being perfect. While you’re at it Give that other parent a break also. When we know better we should do better, but until that time give some love and encouragement. maybe they are doing the best (right now)† that they can.

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