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As life seems to get harder and harder, I sometimes just want to give up, silence my dreams. I listen to friends that tell me that maybe I should work or do something that is more stable, more money. I know that they are just tired of looking at me struggle to make ends meet. I have people in my life that don’t understand or believe in creative† passion. All they see is that I am struggling and not making any money. But can’t you have money and be in love with what† you do? I want to be happy getting up in the morning, looking forward to creating† and doing something that I love. I want my work not to feel like work. I have a great tribe of women that are constantly cheering me on and believe in me. I pray everyday that God will help me only to hear his voice whispering to me that I can do this!

You’re not going to get there if you quit.The only way it can happen is if you’re resilient and you continually pick yourself up.

Brad Lundden

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