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I don’t like dieting! I really don’t like working out. But I know that eating right, losing some weight and doing kickboxing from time to time will help me look cute and live longer.

I have a hard time letting go of people who have hurt me. I run different scenarios of how I could have handled the pain they threw at me. But I know that in order for me to be truly at peace I need to let them go.

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up for past horrible decisions that have and do affect my life, but those decisions run over and over in my head like a bad movie. But in order for me to truly feel and be free I have to cut myself some slack and once and for all forgive myself.

All these things are things that will be hard to change (not impossible)but very worth it. I have become so comfortable with them, that they have become my normal. I lost sight of how I wanted to feel. What I wanted for my life. But the most disturbing thing is that I thought I didn’t deserve it. Success, a life you want, happiness and peace are all within your reach. But sometimes you have to do things that you might not want to. But it will be worth it.

Anyone can do something when they WANT to do it. Really successful people do things when they donít want to do it.
– Dr. Phil

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