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I make things all the time, but I never show them to anyone. I’ve had this blog for almost two years now and I don’t think anyone really knows. I don’t tweet it, I don’t really announce it on facebook and I don’t have business cards shouting to the world what I do. I am always worried about what people think. I worry if people will get me. I feel that I’m talented. But I don’t know if I’m ready. So I read more books on how to be successful. I listen to more podcast hoping that they will give me directions on how to be great and make everyone love and want to buy my stuff. I do all this while creating things that I think will sell. My mind works over time and the things I create come from a place of desperation because I don’t have any money. My creative energy is dwindling fast because it’s all over the place, trying to get people to like my things. So I hoard my creativity until I think I’m ready. The funny thing is that I might not ever feel ready and not all people will get me. I’m finally realizing that success takes courage, being yourself takes courage. So no more creative hoarding for me! I am committed to showing the world what I do. I’ll let you know how my journey is going or should I say that I will show you.

Be Brave is a constant reminder that the things in life that end up bringing the most joy often have to be met with courage first. ( sorry I don’t know where this quote came from)

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