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I know that I have been missing in action. I have been doing a lot of reflection, praying crying and stressing. I feel that my life is at a stand still. Money is tight. My business is non existent† because money is tight. I can’t focus because of stress. I told you in earlier post about my tribe of girlfriends. They have really been there to remind me of who I am and what my purpose is. They also encourage and validate my talent. I don’t know what I would do without them.† Slowly my confidence in my talents are coming back and soon I will start to feel more like myself.† Getting my migraines and joint pain under control will help with that ( so off to the doctor I go!) The lyrics to this song by Judith Hill explain exactly where I am right now or maybe where I’m suppose to be.

Maybe you’re where you’re supposed to be
Standing there within the crowd
But you’re looking for a reason to break free
Seems like you want to scream but your voice were never too loud

You gotta let it go
Busta groove and tear down the wall
That’s what it’s all about
It’s your life, it’s your life
It’s your life

We all need, we all need, we all need a little desperation
Can I have, can I have, can I have a little desperation
Do you want, do you want, do you want a little inspiration
‘Cause everyone, everyone, everyone needs a little desperation

So hey love don’t you ever give up
For just a little longer
Just a little longer

Judith Hill – Desperation

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