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I have shared with you before that I have been looking for a job. I have been so desperate for money that I was willing to take just about anything. I tried to look on the bright side of taking a job that paid minimum wage, saying that some money was better than no money. It’s not by the way.† I would go on jobs knowing that I was over qualified for and try to sound like I had less experience. I didn’t want to come off knowing more than the person interviewing me. When they asked the dreaded “what is the minimum you would accept?”My palms would become sweaty and I would try to think of an answer that could get me the job not what I was worth. A couple of days later I would get a very polite rejection email or letter. I found myself on this† desperation roller coaster many times. I have spent 4 to 5 hours a day looking for a job. I was drained, depressed and still broke! I had lost sight of what my purpose was, really I didn’t even know if I had a real purpose. I’m single Mom who can’t take care of herself or her child. On top of that my migraines got worse and fibromyalgia pain was making it hard to get things done. I have stopped searching just for a job. I put those 4-5 hours into crafting out a plan for my own business. I am learning and practicing everyday on honoring myself and my soul.† God is helping me to realize my worth so that I can always remember to never sell myself or my talents at a discount.

Enrich your self-esteem and avoid negativity because how you see yourself factors in on your capacity to fulfill your destiny.

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