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My younger son is a very talented musician. His talent became very apparent when he was in about second grade when he would just light up when he would play the piano. He would never have to be asked to practice and he would excel learning new songs. He was generally really shy, but in music and also acting he found his voice.† There are some of us that we spend a life time trying to find our voice, our courage to give our opinion on things or to pursue things we are good at. Some of us think that we have to be like someone else in order to be heard, successful, or loved. If we (this includes me) that we are enough. Sometimes I look at fashion magazines for inspiration and I start to think what if I did my line similar to this. Or what if I tried to do a jewelry line similar to this, maybe it would sell. But you know what? it wouldn’t sell, because that’s not my voice.† We have† everything that we need right now and our unique voice is what the world is waiting for. I am in awe of my son that at an young age that his music, his gift is so important to him to share with the world that he is not going to let anything quite his unique voice. I am happy that he has learned this lesson early. I hope he can teach it to me:)

Find your unique voice and have the courage to share it with the world.

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