Inspiration Monday

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I know I have been missing in action lately. Between the very slow healing process of my right hand since the surgery and me trying to get organized so I can get more creative and productive, I have been neglecting the blog. My hand is feeling a little better and I feel a lot more organized in my space, I think I’m ready to conquer the creative world:)

I came across this great quote from Jewel Diamond Taylor. I have put it on my wall over my work table. It just reminds me that I can choose to move forward or to stay where I am, it is really up to me. We can make all the excuses in the world and trust me a lot of them may be legit. I have used a lot of legitimate excuses not to move forward. But they are still excuses for me not to walk into my destiny, not to live my life. I have read about people who have accomplished great things with a lot less than I have. Something always holds me back. But little by little I am breaking free and living MY life.

†You can choose to fault yourself, get depressed, get angry, second guess your faith and possibilities, live in fear, put yourself down and always live in the dead past feel like a victim, focus on your pain, eek to be perfection instead progress or ….

You can choose to be bold and move forward ,† forgive yourself† shake it off, make amends, own your choices and say “the next time I’m in that situation I will choose wiser”, move to plan B, choose progress, optimism,† faith and gratitude, accentuate the positive and focus on what’s next. – Jewel Diamond Taylor

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