Inspiration Monday

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First of all I want to Thank everyone that is reading my little blog. I really appreciate it. I guess I should really post more and regular. There are so many things I want to do with blog. As I start to grow and change in my life I want my blog to reflect the change that I am going through, my true voice.

I think I have mentioned this before about my youngest son. He has such a passion for music. He is very talented but he is also a perfectionist and worried that somebody might be getting more recognition than he is. I guess it is insecurity. As I was driving him to school the other day I was explaining to him that what God has for him was for him and no one could take that from him. His gifts and talents were special just for him . Be the best he could be. As I was giving him this speech I thought I should listen to my own advice. I feel stuck and unable to move on because I have so many set backs. Most of the time I lack focus because I am focusing on making money instead of my talent and passion. He tells me all the time how talented I am. He is my biggest cheerleader and now he has taught me to listen to my own advice!

Today I claim My Freedom and Move Forward in My LIFE!!!!

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