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I was talking to a friend of mine today who is recovering from breast cancer. She has had to have her breast removed, but they caught it early and it did not spread (Thank God!) She has about a 20% chance that she will get breast cancer in the future. She is so focused on that 20% that she can’t be grateful for the 80% and that she has been blessed that she caught it early. When I talked to her today I told her to speak only healing into her life. Get up every morning and say that she is healed and grateful. Little by little she will start to believe it and feel it. It’s so easy to focus on our immediate situation, especially when you can’t see a way out. Changing the way we see the situation and the way we talk about it will make all the difference in the world. Talk like it has already happened. Make bettering your life your goal. Focus on the 80% not the 20.

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