Inspiration Monday

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I think one of the hardest things to do is to stay positive and focused when you are in the midst of a storm. It’s hard for my ideas to flow freely when I am worried about my lights being turned off or eating. I think I’ve mentioned before how I hate the dreaded question of “what do you do” considering I’m out of work and I can’t seem to get motivated to make anything with supplies I do have. But that’s kind of a long depressing answer! So, what will I answer and what should you answer? I am a designer and surface artist. Regardless if I have sold anything or not that is who I am. Being creative is a part of who I am. Unfortunately life happens and can rock our faith in our ability and who we are. Sometimes the storms come and they don’t seem to leave. These are the times that you need to remember who you are, and you need your faith more than ever. Right now may be a hard time for you, but God does not make mistakes you and I are here† for a purpose remember to stand in that purpose.

Stand in Faith. Even When You Are Having The Hardest Time Of Your LIFE!

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