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Do you ever feel that sometimes that everybody is working against you? I know that I feel that way. I know that I have all this creativity but unfortunately I can’t seem to convince anybody else of that. Especially because I am at the point that my cell phone could be cut off and money is tighter than tight! But no matter what I have to believe in my talent. Through the rejection letters, through family not understanding what I do and through the voices in my head telling me what I can’t do. I have to have the courage to believe and do it anyway. Let me tell you it can be hard, but that’s where faith comes in and your tribe of people that believe in you and will encourage you. Never let anyone or anything have you doubt what God has blessed you with. Sometimes we are called to share our gifts, to touch someones life, while we are waiting for that big break. Most important it takes courage to believe in you, your talent and your abilities when the world doesn’t. We are CHAMPIONS we can do it!:)

To Be A CHAMPION† You have to BELIEVE† in YOURSELF when nobody else WILL

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