Inspiration Monday

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The hardest thing is to depend on God and have faith when you feel that life is against you. Sometimes the voice inside whispers that maybe what you thought was your calling really isn’t. I mean lets face it you’re not making any money, you can’t pay your bills and as much as you hate to admit it you are not getting any younger. I start looking for any reason that I can to explain why I can’t find work. I can’t even seem to get work doing display, something that I have been doing for the majority of my life. It can make you question who you are, your talent, your creativity and for me my faith. I thought is someone giving me a bad reference? Is my credit bad? Not being able to support yourself is a very humbling experience. Especially for someone who likes to be independent. As I try to take this time to truly come to who God wants to be, I have been writing more, I have let go of a very toxic relationship for good, I have been painting and making patterns, and just creating. Not everyday, but I am working up to that. I am feeding my soul with positive quotes, scriptures, friends and people who are praying that I have breakthrough soon and not a breakdown. It’s always important to keep shining a light on the dark, with positive affirmations, prayer, scriptures, your uplifting tribe, your dreams, eventually the darkness will see that it can not grow in your soul any longer and will go away. It might take awhile but don’t give up, the world is waiting on your greatness.

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