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There is something to be said for deciding that your life has value and that you matter. I know that may sound funny, but I think a lot of times especially women we take ourselves for granted and we put ourselves last. I was starting to feel burnt out and that my dreams and goals were being put on the back burner. I was keeping people and things in my life that were draining my energy and little by little taking my life. I had to make a decision. Was I going to save myself or was going to let this person and this situation kill me. I prayed, cried and talked to my tribe of sisters and I decided that I had to save myself, that my life mattered. It will take some time to get use to, but I am determined to put myself first and walk everyday like I have value. That is my plan for the New Year, or I should say for my life. It’ about choices and it’s going to take a lot work but I can handle it. I don’t know why it’s hard to put ourselves first, but so easy to put everyone else first. But every day that we have breath is a day to try again to better, to do better. Doing things that you have never done before are always hard at first, but in time they become second nature. You just have to stick with it and believe that you are worth it. You, your dreams, your goals have value. Once you believe and make up your mind about that, anything is possible.

Strive to make something of yourself, then Strive to make the MOST of yourself. Alexander Crummel

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