Inspiration Monday

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There is a real power in knowing what you don’t want. But I also think that the real power comes when you also know what you do want. As we close out 2014 I had to put a period to somethings in my life. There were somethings that I was afraid to let go of because I thought it would hurt some people and they might walk out of my life. I had to make the decision to save myself. I had to realize that my life was important and valuable and that I had to save myself!. So letting go, pushing them out of my life, and realizing my worth was the best gift that I could give myself. It feels wonderfully scary, but I am so excited about 2015. I feel that I can move on and accomplish my dreams without negativity dragging me down and that is exciting. I know it will be hard, but change is hard. I’ve God on my side and my tribe with me every step of the way. So not only do I know what I do want I know what I want and I can’t wait to get it!

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