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I haven’t posted in awhile. My blog along with my life is going through a transition. Sometimes I think you need to take time out to really figure out what it is that you really want, need and deserve. Sometimes those answers aren’t so easy. Take for instance blogging. The trend right now is a very clean blog with a lot of white space. As I am working on my blog makeover, I thought I had to have that clean white space. I love color! Color inspires me, it makes me happy, it makes me feel powerful. I don’t even own white underwear! So, the new blog will have color! because that’s what I love. I was hearing a lot of negative noise about me as a single parent. Being a single parent isn’t easy and letting people tell you or make you feel you are not doing a good job is an awful feeling. So I decided to no longer let those people say those things to me. Learning to use being a perfectionist and an introvert to my advantage, not let it keep me from showing my work to the world. This transition has not and is not a bad thing for me. Sometimes being in a place of transition helps you to get centered, focused and grounded in your faith. The great thing about a transition is that you are not meant to stay. You are meant to get what you need, learn what you have to, pray, get the help and move to the next phase. Hopefully more confident and with a better understanding.

Stay tuned for the new colorful blog and other cuteness to come soon. Are you going through a transition period? What are trying to accomplish?

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